Glenn Rothburd

Partner, USA

Glenn is the Vise President, North America, for SPMG. He is also the founder and managing principal of Right-Pricing Advisory. Among the first to receive the certified pricing professional accreditation, Glenn is a leading global pricing expert who is highly effective at the development and implementation of pricing strategies that have helped a broad array of business types and sizes improve their commercial and financial performance.

Glenn previously served as a head of strategic pricing for Standard & Poor’s Ratings, the world’s largest and most respected global credit rating agency.

Glenn has been responsible for development, execution, and monitoring of Value-Based Pricing Strategies and Policies at the regional and global levels, with a focus on analysis, projection, presentation and communication. Combining exceptional pricing experience and economics acumen to translate information into actionable insight, Glenn has unique experience incorporating metric-based analysis with a comprehensive organizational approach to deliver real and measurable results. Many of his pricing strategies are practiced as industry standards and have been widely acclaimed as “world-class” by independent pricing experts.

Glenn fully relies upon and embraces the proven reliability of analytically-driven solutions, providing practical business experience to a strong academic background: a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Finance from Baruch College/City University of New York and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from SUNY Albany. Glenn has achieved the highest level of credentialing in the Pricing industry with Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) accreditation from the Professional Pricing Society, the world’s largest organization dedicated to the practice of Pricing.

With SPMG, Glenn employs both traditional and cutting-edge pricing practices to give businesses of all sizes control over one of the most important components of success – pricing! Glenn has also taught business school classes, and continues to enjoy his long-tenured career as a youth ice hockey coach at both the recreation and high-school levels.