Mark Stiving

Partner, SPMG Pricing Education

Mark is a consummate pricing educator with exceptional experience in both pricing and training (think content and delivery). From the content perspective, he has a Ph.D. in pricing, wrote a book on pricing, has written many articles on pricing and has blogged on pricing since 2008. He has been a pricing executive at two major semiconductor companies and has coached hundreds of companies on pricing and value. He currently shares his pricing knowledge on his weekly podcast, Impact Pricing.

From the delivery perspective, Mark created and taught a semester long pricing course for 3 years at Ohio State. He built a two day pricing course which he delivered as a public class and as an executive education class for UC Irvine. He sold that class to Pragmatic Marketing (now Pragmatic Institute) where he joined them and delivered a version of it hundreds of times over 5 years with a personal NPS score consistently over 80. At Pragmatic, he also taught product management and product marketing in high tech companies, two crucial roles that create value and communicate value before pricing can capture it.

Mark has a BSEE from The Ohio State University, an MBA from Santa Clara University and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.