Michele Gordon-Somers

Regional Partner, Caribbean

Michele is a Regional Partner in the Caribbean for both SPMG and Hurwich & Co. Inc.  Michele’s primary focus has been around customer service transformation and improvement within the Public Sector.  Prior to joining SPMG and Hurwich & Co. Inc., she had a distinguished career for the past two decades in the capacity as Chief Standards and Monitoring Officer for the Public Sector Transformation and Modernization Unit – Cabinet Office of the Government of Jamaica.

Michele designed, guided and monitored the implementation of the Public Sector Customer Service Program as well as other modernization initiatives with the aim of assisting the development of an efficient and effective public sector and promote the sustainable socio-economic development of Jamaica.   

Her Major Achievements in her role with the government were;

  1. Working as part of project teams to conduct strategic reviews of entities aimed at optimal configuration of those entities for delivery of their national development mandates;
  2. Participating in program and project design, implementation, monitoring and close out;
  3. Working as part of project teams for business process reengineering to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness;
  4. Facilitating the progression of over 100 public sector entities through a four-level service improvement process;
  5. Provisioning guidance in the development of Citizen’s Charters in over 60 public sector entities outlining guaranteed standards of service-delivery;
  6. Implementing rewards and recognition schemes, including the Public Sector Customer Service Competition;
  7. Participating in the design and pilot implementation of an enterprise content management solution to support operational efficiency and service excellence;
  8. Holding the post of Editor of the Citizen’s Charter Bulletin, a newsletter focusing on service excellence that was disseminated throughout the Jamaican public sector;
  9. Implementing service-delivery monitoring and evaluation systems in public sector entities;
  10. Hosting capacity-building workshops for various entities in the area of service-delivery management and improvement;
  11. Representing the Office of the Cabinet in the mass media to publicize and raise awareness of modernization initiatives;
  12. Managing/guiding varied service/operational improvement projects in client entities.
  13. Resolution of service delivery complaints submitted by members of the public with regards to quality of service received from various Jamaican public sector organizations.

Prior to working in the Public Sector, Michele worked in the private for Cable and Wireless.

Michele has accreditations from the Project Management Institute as a PMP, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and Organizational Analysis from the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Management Institute for National Development.    She has engaged in Pre-doctoral studies in International Development from Dalhousie University in Canada, a Masters of Science Degree in International Relations from the University of West Indies Trinidad and Tobago, a certificate of Applied Industrial Relations from UWI, Jamaica and a Bachelor of Science Degree in French and Social Studies from York University (Canada) and UWI, Jamaica.

Michele also holds certificates in Performance Management, Business Process Reengineering, Managing Consultants and Strategies for Decentralization.