Sonia Costantini

Regional Partner, Italy

Prior to becoming a partner with SPMG, Sonia had twenty years of corporate experience in international operations, sales and strategic pricing for a well-known Italian Medical Devices Company. She contributed to the transformation of this national company to an international global reality. Sonia has a strong background in the Orthopedic Sector. 

She has created global management policies, continuously improving them with the aim of increasing the group’s efficiency, effectiveness and economic results. She led the creation of international policies and the related training and audit plans for a group companies (EMEA, Americas, Apac).      

She has created international events with the aim of standardizing pricing procedures, sharing best practices while aiming for excellent management of operational flows.  Her way of working is guided by values ​​such as teamwork, respect and appreciation of people and inclusion of their diversity, the desire to win, respecting the environment and aiming for a long-term, consolidated approach, to innovation, technological transformation and gross profit improvement. She has contributed to the integration of new product lines following corporate acquisitions, the acquisition and integration of new companies, the reorganization of group companies, the go live of new companies in (APAC, EMEA and the Americas).

She designed the international price management policy, price lists and discounts, its implementation in the JDE management system, the creation of standard management reports and price trend analysis, product and country mix strategy in order to increase global profit.  She has also contributed to developing training plans, competitive analysis and pricing based on various product and service price-value positioning approaches. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Trieste and a Master in General Management from CUOA, Vicenza Italy.