Customized Pricing Tools

SPMG offers a wide range of custom pricing tools and software that can be utilized alongside a consulting engagement or as a standalone solution. Read more about customized pricing tools below:

Our engineers and consultants evaluate the business process of your organization, design tools, and processes especially to aid teams in automating the pricing process. The customized pricing tools can be customized to interact with various CRM programs and can fit any part of an organization from sales to marketing to management. In order to find more about customized pricing tools, speak to our pricing consultant today.

Our customized pricing tools include:

Pricing Diagnostic Tool – reviewing, Analyzing & scoring 40 existing pricing practices at the company

Value-Based Pricing Process Maturity Tool – to identify value-based pricing maturity at company

Cluster Segmentation – to identify like customers and their respective ‘basket-of-goods’ purchased

Decision Tree – Strategy Matrix Tool – mapping strategic options & setting price by customer type

Customer Segmentation – Profiling based upon a customers pricing pain threshold

Volume at Discount – What % of the volume is at discount across product and region

Peer Analysis – Comparing customer purchasing behavior

Van Westendorp and Pricing Metering Tools – Unaided price tier determination

Price Dispersion r-Squared – Analyzing the range of prices the company’s offering sold across customers

Breakeven Analysis – Measuring price adjustments to existing or proposed volume & revenue

Conjoint & Discrete Choice Models – Confirming relative utility of price & other attributes on share

Price Dispersion Tool – Identifying low-value customers with high discounts and low volume

Price-Value Mapping Tool – Comparing price-value proposition of client with a competitive set

Identifying Price-Driver Criteria – Research & Isolating Drivers of Customer Decision Selection

Waterfall Analysis, Pocket Price – Identifying the true price earned across customers and products

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