In-House Corporate Workshops

Pricing is a team sport, requiring the attention of all within an organization working together to meet the company’s goals and objectives. SPMG specializes in customized price training and education to help all become more effective “pricers”. Our training is designed to address specific pricing issues and meet individual client needs.

Over the past two decades, SPMG has trained more than 12,000 executives and have conducted in-house training for more than 200 different organizations.

Ratings for our training sessions have consistently been outstanding and we have been brought back by many clients on several occasions for additional training and or consulting work.

In addition to training, SPMG has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on Pricing Strategy, Price Management, and Revenue Optimization. Some of the issues addressed include contracting/bidding processes, new product pricing, pricing process architectures, pricing performance reviews, compensation, price maturity assessments, value analysis, and GPO strategy.

Many of the partners of SPMG have published articles in leading magazines and journals including Marketing Magazine, Professional Market Research Society, Professional Pricing Society and have even published books e.g. The Joy of Pricing.

At SPMG, we believe that if people are engaged and having fun they will learn more. To ensure we create that type of environment, we approach training from the following expertise.

Activity-based / experiential – We quickly move from theory into the application through the use of team breakouts and individual exercises,

Application to problems faced by participants – We design the exercises and breakouts to provide participants with the fullest opportunity possible to work on their own business issues in real time. This way they leave the session with work completed and a clear sense of what needs to be done when they return to their desk.

Leverage the group’s wisdom – Participants are encouraged to contribute throughout the session. As well, at the end of each exercise, there is debriefing and testing for understanding. This provides an important opportunity for participants to share.

Industry Focused – We will be using industry-specific cases and providing industry-specific examples that extend the learning of the team and can easily be related to their own situation.



Michael N. Hurwich

Global President

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving

Partner, SPMG Pricing Education

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Training Options

SPMG offers online and in-person educational training around the globe. Our professional trainers typically conduct one and two-day workshops.

Setup & Organization

Training sessions / seminars can be organized at your premises or at any agreed upon third-party site. We customize the program according to the needs of your team and review the agenda with you prior to the session.

Preparation & Feedback

Prior to the Session

To ensure that the participants receive a maximum benefit we incorporate some of their “live issues” into the program agenda. To ensure that they receive full value from the session they will be asked to ensure that they come prepared with the necessary information.

After the Session

The participants provide feedback that will be informative and will ensure that the program is further improved upon as additional sessions are conducted.

Professional Fees:

Fees for conducting the Workshop/Seminars/Training sessions vary from U.S. $5000 to $15,000 per day, based on number of participants, issues covered, travel requirements and duration Customization will be billed separately if management interviews required for the purposes of customization and relevancy.