The Joy of Pricing Book

'A Manager's Guide to Value Based Pricing'

285 Pages of articles, case samples, and quizzes. A must-have guide for every Product, Marketing and Sales Manager.

By Author: 
Michael N. Hurwich

Modern pricing is everyone’s responsibility from Sales to Marking, Finance, Accounting, Operations, and Management. Each department plays a key role in creating, capturing and communicating value to the marketplace in order to realize the desired price that matches off against the desired benefits and a fair price/value proposition. The difference between getting the price right is an activity that may only take minutes, hours, days or several weeks by taking an outside-in approach to pricing by talking with your customers to understand how they trade price for your value. The resources, fees, tools and time commitment of obtaining the right price is usually a tiny fraction of the unrealized revenue.

Author Michael Hurwich has brought together thought leaders in the pricing and business community to provide a collection of case studies, anecdotes, articles and perspectives on pricing theory and strategy. The book demonstrates various pricing challenges and opportunities as a guide to help guide you develop the “right” pricing approach that positions your price as the most important statement you make about your product.


About the author

One of the most sought after pricing consultants in North America, Michael has consulted to major Fortune 500 firms and developed corporate pricing and business unit strategies in a range of industries including telecom, finance, retail, pharma and manufacturing. He has held key positions with several global consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and also served as President of a leading manufacturer of consumer products. Currently, Michael serves as President and Managing Partner of Strategic Pricing Management Group, a pricing strategy consulting firm with offices around the world. Michael has an M.B.A. in Corporate Finance and International Marketing and BA in Managerial Economics and Marketing. He has written numerous articles on pricing and is a frequent lecturer around the globe.