Subscription Based Pricing

Subscription-based pricing has been used for telecommunication, banking, magazines & newspapers and even gym memberships. Subscription models have been increasing with the b2b marketplace, as well. This growth has been driven by the rise of the information technology age which has enabled new products and services as-as-well as existing services to be obtained or managed online. Cloud computing, which enabled the shift from on-premise software to software as a service and the new business models of the sharing economy (e.g. car-sharing) and solutions and service selling are examples of this evolution. Subscription-based pricing has many advantages - but also comes with challenges. In this pricing course, you will learn how to define your goals and objectives, your strategies and build your price, packages and implement your subscription model to retain your customers, win new ones and optimize your profits.

Module 1 - The typical commercial subscription challenges - and yours ?

Module 2 - How to charge for software services

Module 3 - How to build your
subscription-based pricing plans?

Module 4 - How to manage your subscription plan?

Module 5 - How to create the change?

Module 6 - Bring in your own cases for discussion and suggested execution
Wrap-up and lesson learned

Objectives of the Course