E-learning Course

"Value Based Business"


This course will help drive your company to faster, more profitable growth by teaching you what a Value-Driven Culture looks like. You already know that Value-Based Pricing is the most profitable pricing strategy you could implement, by far. You’ve either adopted it, or you’re thinking about it.  But that’s just the first step?  Once you decide to price based on value, you have the catalyst to help the rest of your company create, communicate and capture more value.  This course gives you the framework you need to drive impactful change throughout your organization. 

There is no doubt, this is the most powerful and fundamental course you could take if you’re focused on transforming your company so everyone understands value and their role in it.  

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course::

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Core Concepts:

This course is an overview course.  It provides a fundamental framework of the role of value in your company.  Other courses dive deeper into how to do many of the things talked about in the course. 

The structure of the lessons here allow you to go at your own pace.  Additionally, to help with learning, the instructor will hold periodic (weekly?) group Office Hours for questions and interaction via a Zoom web meeting. This allows you an opportunity to ask questions for clarification or elaboration so you can apply the concepts being taught.