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Introduction to Value-Based Pricing

E-learning Course

‘Introduction to Value-Based Pricing’ is the first of our training series designed for executives and decision makers committed to improving their pricing performance.

Pricing Strategy Solutions

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Pricing is not a single standardized strategy, it is an evolving process of learning and...

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Discounts / Promotion Evaluation

The role of discounts and allowances varies from business to business and the ability

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Service-based pricing

Services are becoming a major and growing part of advanced economies either as

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New product & service launch

Pricing strategies tend to change as a product or service goes through its lifecycle.

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Refined pricing strategy

Price can drive or destroy a company’s operating margins. SPMG can help you identify...

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Revenue optimization

Small changes in average price will translate into huge changes in operating profit.

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Some Of Our Clients

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“Michael and his team have a very high level of expertise. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of pricing strategy - the qualitative side and the theoretical aspects behind pricing.”
Vice President Marketing
Hewlett Packard​
"SPMG has good knowledge and practical approach of integrating value-based pricing into our archaic pricing process”
Vice President of Operations for Verizon
Verizon Information Services​
“SPMG showed since the very first day a deep understanding of the complexity of the subject of pricing and helped our Company to extract more value. Flexible, reliable, concrete”
Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Syngenta Italy

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| written by the president and partners of SPMG

New Book on Pricing Tools... 
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Learn about research pricing tools used to understand your break-even price and value positioning

Value-Based Pricing Training Workshops

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Value-Based Pricing for product-driven organization

Empowering your management team with product pricing best practices
Improve pricing outcomes for your products

Revenue Optimization & Pricing

Best Practices for creating sustainable growth, improving profits, efficiency and market share
Can be combined with Value-Based Pricing Course

About SPMG

"Price is your product's most important statement "

- Michael Hurwich. President, North America

SPMG is a Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management advisory and consultancy firm dedicated to our client’s pricing solutions since 1999. SPMG has conducted over 800 consulting and training engagements with clients all over the world. Our strength is bringing the combined knowledge of our global team to clients using a hands-on customized approach. The senior partners you meet will be the partners doing the work.