Pricing Process

Pricing is not a single standardized strategy, it is an evolving process of learning and accountability. Learn about pricing process in our article below:

Active and coordinated pricing management is essential across all corporate functions.

SPMG takes special care to connect all the elements of the pricing function with the business and the sales people on the front lines. It all starts with our evaluation of your pricing process maturity on our SPMG Pricing Pyramid.

Now that we know where you are, SPMG will dive deeper utilizing our customized pricing diagnostic tool to rate and rank your 7 process and 40 sub-processes’ strengths and weaknesses with opportunities for change.

SPMG will present your scores utilizing our pricing tools through business unit training. We will provide task prioritization, direction and next steps for moving up the Pricing Pyramid.

Drawing from our 20 years of our experience working with companies, Pricing Improvement projects, can significantly impact the bottom line. Call us and speak to our pricing consultant to find more about pricing process.

pricing process

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