Pricing Solutions

Pricing is a full time job, don’t make it a part time practice!

Pricing is by far the most important profit lever, but most companies hugely underestimate its impact.

Most companies fail to successfully position their organizations to be Value-Based pricing ready! Worse, many of these same companies fail to launch their new products in the market and meet their price targets. Over ½ of all new products flop, putting a company’s brand equity and profitability at risk. This problem is self-inflicted, but curable. Pricing and revenue management touch everybody in an organization and need to be the top priority of an innovating world class company.


At SPMG, we are the trusted advisor and counsellor on ‘Everything Pricing’ to many of the world’s best known businesses, institutions and the public sector. Pricing is all about how companies create, capture and communicate value. The following is SPMG’s price-value journey.


Take a look at the services we offer…

New product & service launch

Pricing strategies tend to change as a product or service goes through its lifecycle.

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Refined pricing strategy

Price can drive or destroy a company’s operating margins. SPMG can help you identify...

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Revenue optimization

Small changes in average price will translate into huge changes in operating profit.

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Pricing is not a single standardized strategy, it is an evolving process of learning and...

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Discounts / Promotion Evaluation

The role of discounts and allowances varies from business to business and the ability

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Service-based pricing

Services are becoming a major and growing part of advanced economies either as

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