SPMG joins the Professional Pricing Society as Sponsor

The Strategic Pricing Marketing Group (SPMG) is pleased to announce that we have joined the Professional Pricing Society (PPS). As a partner in the Society’s Professional Services Sponsorship Program, we join a community of leading experts in the world’s largest pricing organization. SPMG intends to add value to this community by offering relevant pricing solutions and educational content to executive decision makers and our PPS colleagues. 


As a partner to the Society’s mission to disseminate pricing expertise throughout the business world, we will become an active contributor to PPS publications, conferences, and pricing training. In addition to our own workshops, communications, and consulting services, we will leverage our rapidly expanding global network to support the PPS pricing community. We look forward to working with our new PPS partner.


SPMG is a global pricing and marketing firm dedicated to pricing and revenue optimization. Our principal services are strategic price consulting, research, corporate training, and building pricing tools. Each of our assignments is executed by a professional team of subject matter experts using advanced methodologies and techniques to meet the specific needs of each and every one of our clients. SPMG stands for pricing excellence.



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