SPMG Launches New E-Learning Tutorial Series


SPMG is pleased to announce our NEW 2-hour e-learning pricing tutorial. ‘Introduction to Value-Based Pricing’ is the first of our training series designed for executives and decision makers committed to improving their pricing performance. Our e-learning experience offers the latest in pricing management excellence for anyone in the business of selling products and services.


‘Introduction to Value-Based’ Pricing demystifies complex pricing decisions. We present a pragmatic, real-world view of value-driven pricing that is easy to understand. Our value-based solutions offer learners unique guidance and insights to create their own pricing and marketing strategies. We present an informed, proactive, and customer-centered approach that helps companies arrive at the right price. SPMG e-learning will enable you or your company to use pricing as a powerful driver of growth and profitability.


You will learn:

  • To ask the right questions.

  • How to stay competitive and profitable.

  • What to look for when creating, capturing, and communicating your value proposition.

  • How to use right pricing tools to arrive at the right price.

  • That small adjustments in price or discounts can significantly impact top line revenue.


Visit our online store to order ‘Introduction to Value-Based Pricing’ Tutorial today.

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